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Order Prescription Sunglasses from CA Glasses:

If you have been prescribed glasses but prefer the look of sunglasses, then you should wear Prescription Sunglasses, and not non-prescription sunglasses. Wearing non-prescription glasses will compromise your vision, give you eye strain and headaches, not to mention watery eyes and a sore neck or back. At CA Glasses, our experts can create a custom prescription so you can enjoy wearing sunglasses without any discomfort.

With our high-quality, polarized prescription sunglasses, we aim to improve the comfort and visibility of a wearer by reducing haze and glare, which are common problems in regular sunglasses. Wearing custom-made, expertly crafted sunglasses, you can take your outdoor experience to the next level and with style.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, contact us for an exchange or a refund. Browse through the most stylish frames and place your order now.

We promise you all this

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