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Rx Sports

Order Prescription Sports Sunglasses from CA Glasses

In any organized sport, you’re required to wear essential safety equipment if you want to play the game:

helmet, knee pads, shin pads, mouthguard. Biking on the road without a helmet can even cost you a hefty fine. So, when you play sports without protecting your eyes, you’re leaving two of the most fragile organs on your body susceptible to injury, sun damage, and even blindness. Protect your eyes and maintain your laser-focus with prescription sports glasses by CA Glasses.

Our glasses are designed to deliver superior all-around protection with comfortable, full-coverage lenses that come in a variety of colours. No matter what style you choose, you’re guaranteed an exceptional prescription set of lenses with polarized and anti-glare coating to help you keep your eye on the ball in any type of weather condition. By combining your vision prescription with our sports-style lenses, you won’t have to worry about breaking your expensive everyday frames, or settle for wearing two pairs of glasses at once. Affordable prescription eyewear from CA Glasses is the perfect addition to your sports bag.

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