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The California Glasses Lense Quality 

Using top of the line lense materials , state of art automated manufacting equipments, and rigorous inspection and quality control procedures, Bestpriceglasses is able to offer customers the newest lense solutions for every type of prescription at affordable price. We Guarantee every customer is a happy and satisfied customer. 

What type of lenses do you offer?

We offer four major types of glasses : Distance Glasses, Reading Glasses, Bifocal Glasses and Multi-Focal (Progressive) Glasses.
For each types of glasses, we offer three types of materials depend on the usage of the eyeglasses, they are: Clear Glasses for daily use, Sunglasses for outdoor use and Light Adjust (Transition) Glasses for both indoor and ourdoor use.

For each material type, we offer 6 thickness choices, they are 1.50, 1.56, 1.59, 1.61, 1.67 and 1.74. Difference of those lens are explained below in details.

  • 1.5 Index Lens - Standard Lens at bestpriceglasses

    1.5 Index Lens - Standard Lens

    These conventional single-vision lenses come free with all bestpriceglasses frames and are recommended for prescriptions with an SPH correction of +/-2.25 and below, and a CYL correction of +/-1.50 and below.

  • 1.57 Index - Thin and Light Lens

    1.56 Index - Thin and Light

    These lean and mean vision-correcting machines are thinner than a 1.56-index lens and can handle higher prescriptions as well. They're also called refractive-index lenses, and are recommended for SPH corrections between +/-5.00 and +/-4.00, and CYL corrections of +/-3.00 and below.

  • 1.59 Index - Polycarbonate Lens

    1.59 Index - Polycarbonate Lens

    Polycarbonates lenses are our most durable and impact-resistant option, and come with 100% UV-protective coating included, which is why we recommend them for all our prescriptions, especially those for stylish kids and outdoor aficionados.

  • 1.6 Index - Super Thin Lenses

    1.61 Index - Super Thin

    Long gone are the days of bottle-cap eyeglasses. Thanks to our super-thin lens option, today's style-savvy prescription eyeglass wearers don't have to compromise on vision or style. We recommend these 1.61-index lenses for SPH corrections between +/-4.25 and +/-6.75, and CYL corrections between +/-2.25 and +/-3.00.

  • 1.67 Index - Ultra Thin Lenses

    1.67 Index - Ultra Thin

    Lightweight and hyper-functional, these thin lenses insure that your eyes don't look distorted from a high-powered prescription. We recommend them for the style savvy among us with SPH corrections between +/-7.00 and +/-9.00, and CYL corrections between +/-3.25 and +/-4.00.

  • 1.74 Index - As Thin as Possible

    1.74 Index - As Thin as Possible

    These are the thinnest lenses we make, for the highest-powered prescriptions we sell. Any thinner and they'd vanish into air. As refractive lenses, they're best for prescriptions with SPH corrections of +/-9.25 or above, and CYL corrections between +/-4.25 and +/-6.00.