Why You May Need Prescription Golf Sunglasses And How To Choose One?

Sunglasses are a crucial accessory for golfers. The pair you wear on the filed keeps you comfortable regardless of the intense sunlight or cloudy sky and allows you to measure the distance accurately. Along with helping to improve your game, it also keeps you stylish at every swing you take. When it comes to finding the Best Golf Sunglasses, the options are limitless.

But the golfers who have to put on corrective lenses while playing used to have limited choices. The good news is that today a wide range of prescription golf sunglasses can be available at any online store. CA Glasses provides a modern collection of prescription golf sunglasses that allows golfers to play comfortably without compromising with clear vision or style. A golfer should wear prescribed sunglasses if he or she is already wearing corrective eyewear.

Let’ See Why You Need Prescription Golf Sunglasses?

You Can get prescription golf sunglasses in a wraparound style

Wraparound can be defined differently for every sport. When it comes to prescription golf sunglasses, you can have wraparound lenses that protect your eyes by providing full coverage and give you required vision clarity at the same time. RX Sports have specialized in creating a prescription lens for sports. However, you may need some time to get used to wearing them, especially in determining depth perception. 

They are affordable:

Prescription golf sunglasses are costlier than then your regular sunglasses, but considering the efficiency they bring to your game, they are undoubtedly worth it. The price may vary according to your frame choice, the tint you need, and also the manufacturer you choose. However, in the long run, it proves more affordable. These sunglasses are virtually unbreakable, the high-quality lenses are scratch-resistant and durable, and provide a wider field of vision with increased clarity as they are made using advanced lens technology. Along with it, you can also opt for anti-reflective coating and you get the manufacturer's warranty.

Can you get progressives?

For those in their forties, who cannot read their scorecard with their regular prescription glasses and need separate pair to do that, can surely opt for progressives. You may find it difficult to get used to it initially, but later your mind trains you to see accordingly. However, it is the personal preference of the player and not many golfers go with this option. Due to the limited demand, there are limited lens manufactures provide progressives in golf sunglasses.

Tints and polarization:

As a golfer, it is your choice what kind of tint you want in your prescription sunglasses. However, some golfers have developed a common opinion that certain tints can help you to have vision clarity on the green field. Some tints help you to read green better and some of them are perfect in cloudy conditions.

When it comes to polarization, there are mixed opinions. Polarized lenses are essential to protect eyes from UV rays, but they also have a special filter that blocks the reflection of light from the surfaces. Some golfers have experienced that polarized lenses can reduce contrast, which can change the green reading and can also create confusion regarding depth perception.

Transition lenses:

Golfers have found transition lenses ideal for the game. The main reason behind its popularity is that the lenses lighten accordingly as the sun goes away. If the transition is not done correctly, you may find the lenses too dark during the day, even in cloudy or rainy condition.

Do you need them?

If you are wearing corrective eyewear then the answer is yes. You need prescription golf sunglasses not only to improve the game but also to protect your eyes. They will certainly play a vital role in changing your game. With advanced lens technology used in creating, they enable you to see the field with more efficiency. The glasses are not as costly as they used to be and you can also choose the tint that you are most comfortable with.

How to choose them?

You should start with the frame, finding a pair that you are comfortable wearing. When it comes to the lens, you can choose whether you need polarized or not. The same thing applies on selecting the right tint. You can also opt for progressives if you have to keep two pairs of prescription glasses, one for reading and one for regular wear. As far as the cost is concerned, you can surely find a pair that fits in your budget.


At CA Glasses, we can perfectly customize your pair. Prescription golf sunglasses allow you to enjoy the game in the best possible way. With a perfect pair, you don't have to compromise with a clear vision of the field and eye protection against UV rays, dust, and wind. Browse through our new collection and place your order today.


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