Why Are prescription Safety Glasses So Popular?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a significant number of workers suffer from eye injuries at the workplace every year, majorly because of inadequate eye protection. Wearing high-quality safety glasses at such workplace is mandatory to minimize the risk of minor to severe eye injuries. Often, workers who are already wearing prescription glasses compromise with eye safety either by wearing two glasses at the same time or taking their regular glasses for safety eyewear. In recent years manufacturers of safety glasses have been working on creating a range of prescription safety glasses using advanced lens technology and high-quality frame materials that have enhanced safety and comfort. The comfort and the added level of safety are the major reasons for prescription safety glasses being increasingly popular across the U.S. and Canada. Let's take a look at various factors that have made prescription safety glasses so popular among the workers.

Comfortable Safety Glasses At Workplaces Are Essential To Enhance Precision:

At workplaces, comfort plays a significant role in eye protection and cannot be underestimated. A pair of comfortable glasses does not only protect the eyes but also improves productivity. Comfortable protective eyewear helps a worker to be focused at work without being continuously aware of the glasses. There are some of the basic features that make the glasses comfortable. Padded nose bridge, flexible temples, cushioned brows are some of the features that one should look for while buying safety glasses. With prescription glasses, lenses with adjustable angles are more comfortable.

Features that prevent fogging are also essential for working in a humid environment. Often wearing safety glasses with an individual respirator can lead to foggy lenses. To prevent it, one should go with safety glasses with integrated fog and particle shield.

Along with ensuring the comfort of the glasses, manufacturers of safety glasses are also keen on creating stylish designs for safety glasses. The commonly found style features in regular glasses and sunglasses are colorful frames and lenses, wraparound designs, and mirrored lenses, which can also be seen now in safety glasses.

At CA Glasses, we provide a range of protective eyewear that ensures eye safety and comfort without making any compromise with the style. Considering the individual need for looking stylish at the workplace, we offer the best safety glasses that make you look trendy while working.

Durable And Scratch-Resistant Lenses:

If you are looking for high impact resistant safety glass lenses then avoid choosing acrylic plastic lenses or tempered glass. These types of glasses are less effective in protecting eyes against flying debris and particles. Workers are recommended to wear a face shield to protect their eyes while wearing this type of glasses. Go with polycarbonate lenses for high impact resistance. Compared to glass or plastic polycarbonate glasses are high impact resistant. Hard-coated polycarbonate lenses are also scratch-resistant.

Excellent Benefits of Prescription Safety Glasses:

Workers who are wearing corrective eyewear have found a perfect ally in prescription safety glasses, as it eliminates the need for doubling up glasses or wearing only safety glasses and performing tasks with unclear vision. As more employees are getting aware that their regular prescription glasses cannot protect their eyes at the workplace, they look for eyewear that can protect their eyes without compromising with their vision.

Many workers have noted that wearing prescription safety glasses have tremendously changed their performance, with added accuracy due to clear vision and comfort of the superior quality frames that have given them a whole new working experience.

Since the availability of truly comfortable, affordable, and yet stylish prescription safety glasses made easier, they are getting more popular among both workers and their employers. At CA Glasses, we are also happy to work with employers to provide prescription safety glasses solutions at a discounted price to their employees and help reducing workplace accidents.


Wearing safety glasses while performing tasks that are potentially dangerous to eyes is mandatory. Most industrial businesses should make wearing safety glasses on the work floor mandatory and also aware the workers about the potential risk and how to take care of eyes in case of emergency. Workers who are prescribed to wear glasses are also preferring prescription safety glasses over non-prescription safety glasses or wearing two glasses at the same time. Prescription safety glasses are also more affordable compared to a few years back and it is also one of the reasons that they are getting more popular among the workers. Browse through our latest collection of the best safety glasses available at an amazingly low price.

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