What Type of Safety Eyewear is Available to Me?

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According to experts wearing protective eyewear can reduce the risk of eye injury up to 90 percent. And it is mandatory for all the workers to wear safety glasses at the workplace. Whether you a factory worker or you are working on a home improvement project, nothing is more important than eye safety, which can be achieved by wearing quality safety glasses. Often people are confused that what type of safety glasses would protect their eyes while doing a certain type of work? or whether they are spending money on the right type of safety glasses. Well, let’s find out what type of safety eyewear available and how to select the right pair.

Prescription safety glasses:

If you are prescribed to wear glasses then you need prescription safety glasses. A pair of regular glasses are not ideal eye protection to rely on. At the same time, you should also avoid wearing two glasses. Doubling up the glasses is discomforting and lack of focus on the task increases the risk of eye injury. Wearing prescription safety glasses allows you to work comfortably with a clear vision.

Prescription safety sunglasses:

If you are working outdoor such as on a construction site or at timber factory, then regular safety glasses won’t protect your eyes from harsh sunlight. Wearing prescription safety sunglasses is recommended for outdoor workers.

The type of lenses:

If you are an employee, then your company's safety officer has to determine which level of eye protection is required for the job. Usually, there are two types of lenses: basic impact-resistant and high impact resistant. Some jobs may require side shields or full-face protection. An employer should consult OSHA to know which type of safety eyewear is most suitable for different job positions.

If you are an independent contractor, then it is best to invest in safety eyewear which has high impact standard ratings for all activities.

Safety glasses for home use:

As it is best to choose high impact rated safety glasses for independent contractors, you should also choose the same for maximum protection.

If you are not required prescription lenses or you wear contact lenses then you should purchase non-prescription safety glasses and sunglasses for working both indoor and outdoor.

Whether you buy prescription glasses or non-prescription safety eyewear, you can choose from a wide range of attractive wrap-style frames. To ensure that it has rated for high impact resistance, look for "Z87+" marking on the frame. Safety glasses are usually made of lightweight polycarbonate which is highly comfortable for performing various tasks.

If you are 40 or older and have bifocal eyeglass prescription, then you should choose safety-rated progressive lenses to eliminate vision problem and see clearly at all distances. With progressive lenses, bifocal or trifocal lines in the lenses won’t bother you.

Tasks such as mowing lawns and using a power trimmer required protection from the sides. Choose frames with side shields to protect eyes from flying particles.

Available lens material for safety glasses:

Polycarbonate is considered the most suitable lens material for safety glasses as it is lightweight and also more impact-resistant than glass lenses.

Polarized safety sunglasses:

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Polarized safety sunglasses reduce the direct glare of sunlight, a reflection of sunlight from water surface or snow. While working outdoors wearing regular sunglasses is often tormenting as it is difficult to distinguish true colors and objects. Wearing polarized safety sunglasses, you can have visual clarity and accuracy. Working for a long time in harsh sunlight can cause strain to the eyes which can be avoided wearing polarized safety sunglasses. If you are prone to headaches due to light sensitivity then you should invest in polarized safety sunglasses.


Accidents occur without any advance notice. No matter how skilled the worker is, a single second of carelessness can damage the eyes. To reduce such risk workers are required to wear safety eyewear before entering the site. For outdoor workers, it is recommended to wear safety sunglasses or prescription safety sunglasses to protect eyes from harmful UV rays. At CA Glasses, we provide easy-to-wear prescription safety glasses and sunglasses that allow you to work comfortably and under the complete protection of highly durable frames. Browse through our latest collection of prescription safety glasses and polarized safety glasses available at affordable price.

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