The 10 Most Popular Female Eyeglasses Styles for 2018

Eyeglasses can make any female look fabulous, sexy, and smart. It is natural that you may be looking for that best eyeglass to fit your new look or upgrade your wardrobe. There are indications that the eyeglasses styles for women will continue to grow. Nevertheless, in this article, we have rounded up the 10 popular eyeglasses styles for women in 2018. These styles equip you with the perfect eyeglass to choose from among many. Without further ado, let us unveil them to you.

#1 Round Eye glasses

The 10 Most Popular Female Eyeglasses Styles for 2018 

These styles of eyeglasses in recent time are gaining more popularity. Currently, they are among the top popular eyeglasses for afemale in the fashion industry. Round glasses are destined for the free-spirited women. They are perfectly suited for the office, posh party or both. They are manufactured from metal or high-quality acetate. Most round acetate glasses are fashionable and thicker, giving a perfect option for the style-sensitive women. You can also go for slimmer acetate frame and still look gorgeous as ever. Ladies who have square faces should go for round eyeglasses because it softens their features. Comparing the angular features of their face and the roundness of the eyeglass gives a beautiful result.

#2 Cat-Eye Glasses

The 10 Most Popular Female Eyeglasses Styles for 2018 

Whether you like it or not, cat-eye glasses are a symbol of girlishness. They are part of the top popular eyeglasses styles for women. If you are a woman and this style isn’t in your wardrobe, you are still a novice. Interestingly, they complement every outfit especially if you want an optical frame. It is a must-have accessory to go with the style of the time. Cat-eye glasses makes a woman look mysterious, intelligent, and sexy. This style can work magic especially if dressed in a dazzling color. Cat-eyeglasses are perfect for women with diamond-shaped faces. Because of the narrow nature of the forehead and the chin, the glasses wideness needed to fit their faces. If you want to look younger and have your face drawn upward, consider going the cat-eyeglasses style.

#3 Hipster or Geek Eyeglasses

The geek style is a must-have for women in 2018. Though it is a new style, it is becoming a symbol of trendy frames even though they aren’t prescribed. They are mostly called “nerd glasses” because they make you look attractive, cute, and nerd. The Geek eyeglass is perfect for reading but has become a fashion accessory. Mostly worn by “fashionista” and celebrities because the uniqueness it brings to them. If you have a rectangular, square, or round face, the geek eyeglasses will complement the shape of your face. Furthermore, if you have anoval or round face, consider going for wider glasses because they add more balance to your face.

#4 Oversized Eyeglasses

The 10 Most Popular Female Eyeglasses Styles for 2018 

Big eyeglasses are amongst the 10 popular female eyeglasses styles you will see in 2018. This is true because they are engaging and interesting. They are a fashion statement, which demonstrates the attitude of superstars. They are ideal for women with aplump or oval face. Besides this, people with round faces can wear them.

#5 Vintage Eyeglasses

The 10 Most Popular Female Eyeglasses Styles for 2018 

As the name goes, so they are. They may be outdated but are stylish and provide elegance. You can rock them without shame. Vintage eyeglass style helps you to preserve throwback design while adding amodern twist to your beauty. They aren’t made for every woman; however, ensure you check the compatibility and the shape of your face before buying them. They are part of the latest style for 2018.

#6 Browline Eyeglasses

The 10 Most Popular Female Eyeglasses Styles for 2018 

Eyeglasses styles come and go but the browline eyeglasses style keeps gaining popularity as the year goes by. They have emerged as the best female selling eyeglasses. One intriguing feature of this eyeglass is the heavy brow bar, which is a representation of seriousness. Because of this feature, it is the preferred eyewear for professional women, especially those working in a business related environment. The black color of this eyeglass matches any outfit you decide to put on. If you havea round and oval face with a big forehead, it is the perfect eyeglass because it will support the glasses.


#7 Clear eyeglasses

The 10 Most Popular Female Eyeglasses Styles for 2018 

This eyeglass is amongst the coolest of eyeglasses styles that you can’t go wrong with because of the unique way of complimenting and lighting up your face. They are most suited for women with darker skin colors. They are fast becoming the female eyeglasses style because of the simplicity they add to your dressing.

#8 Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses

The 10 Most Popular Female Eyeglasses Styles for 2018 

This eyeglass is also known as the horn-rimmed glasses and the favorite among most women. They have been popular without showing any signs of going down. They are perfectly suited for any kind of face – oversized, square, oval or round. It doesn’t matter the outfit or function, they boost your confidence and look.

#9 Wooden Eyeglasses

The 10 Most Popular Female Eyeglasses Styles for 2018 

Colors such as pine, teak, khaki, sandalwood, and olive are getting people loved up with wooden eyeglasses. They complement any attire and provide an eco-friendly feature. Not only are they glamorous but also delicate. Most celebrities use the wooden eyeglasses because of the simplicity and uniqueness to their outfit. A style will take a long time to fade. The wooden eyeglass is necessary for your wardrobe because it is among the top female eyeglasses styles for 2018.

#10 Aviator eyeglasses

The 10 Most Popular Female Eyeglasses Styles for 2018 

We consider this as part of the 10 popular eyeglass styles for 2018. These glasses can be use to complement any outfit. They can in different shades of color and designs. You can use the Aviator eyeglasses as part of your stylish accessory.

What do you think?

We have reviewed some of the popular female eyeglasses styles for 2018. Do you think we didn’t add what you considered as among the styles for 2018? We do love to hear from you.

Summary: Eyeglasses changes everything including how we see the world and how the world sees us. We have shown you some of the popular female eyeglasses styles for 2018 if you are contemplating on changing your wardrobe. We have taken the stress to minimize your option to these 10 popular eyeglasses for women, so choose wisely.

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