Ten Ways to Prevent Eye Injuries at Work

eye injury

Workplace eye injury is a prevalent phenomenon in industrial sites. Working on heavy-duty tasks every day surrounded by dust, debris, chemicals and radiations put a lot at risk for an individual. Whether it be working on a construction site, mines or being in professions like machinery, plumbing or carpentering, the need for prescription safety glasses is a priority. More often than not, people think wearing huge round glasses are enough to cover their eyes and keep them safe. This is a myth, regular glasses do not provide your eyes with the same level of protection like safety glasses do, regardless of the size, durability or material.

Eye protection is an essential measure that you must take while working on heavy-duty tasks. Eye injuries can be counterproductive to the businesses as employees would spend their days at home for recovery. So it is the advantage of both the parties, employee and employer to prioritize eye safety while at work. So here's what can be done in regards with eye safety at workplaces:

1. Invest in a pair of safety glasses

prescription safety glasses

Work conditions where flying particles or dust are frequent hazards demand the use of safety glasses. Various types of safety glasses come with protective side shields to provide a little broader shield against debris. Then there are other safety glasses that provide safety against chemicals. These glasses provide a tight shield over the eyes that ensures that splashes of liquid chemicals don’t enter your eyes or come in contact with the area around it.

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2. First-aid kits

Employees working in industrial workplaces have to engage in heavy-duty tasks and so they are prone to get injuries. These workplaces must have a comprehensive first aid kit to address any work-related injuries, especially they must have eyewash and eye drops readily available. Not just industrial workplaces but all must have first aid kits at hand to address any injuries at work.

Eyes are sensitive, they need extra care when injured. Eyewash will help in a rinse in case of minor irritation caused by grit or dust. However, the more severe eye injuries such as exposure to chemicals or acids, a foreign object’s penetration in the eye must be treated by visiting a nearby hospital.

3. Test the existing vision problems

Conduct an eye test camp at your workplace or encourage employees to do it. Vision problems are one of the major reasons that can contribute to accidents at work. Take an initiative and incorporate vision testing at your workplace. Incorporate vision testing on an individual level as well in routine physical examination. Provide customised prescription safety glasses to the employees who have vision problems.

4. Have comfortable eyewear

Comfort should be the priority while choosing the right safety eyeglasses. Workers will refrain from wearing the eyeglasses unless they fit properly and are comfortable while they are working. And that will also make the use of eye protection at all times possible. Eye care professionals are trained to design such glasses. Workplaces should also be well equipped with maintaining safety eyewear. Workers must be taught to be responsible for their own safety eyewear.

5. Reduce hazards at workplaces

Workplaces that take safety measures on a priority will encourage their workers to avoid and eliminate hazards. Having safety measures like transparent shields around tools and in areas where workers are at risk is a way of reducing the possibilities of getting injuries. This also ensures that employees are not solely relying on RX safety glasses to protect their eyes.

Additionally, giving the workers knowledge about the hazards specific to your workplace is another way to reduce hazards. Incorporate rules and regulations that encourage general safety.

6. Keep your safety eyeglasses’ lenses clean

Wearing safety glasses while working can turn bad in no time if workers end up risking their life with blurred lenses. Eyewear must give the workers a clear view so as to be truly effective. Organizations must consider certain things such as providing anti-scratch safety glasses especially in workplaces where there's a lot of dust and grit constantly in the air. And if your workplace also requires you to work outdoors sometimes then you must invest in eyewear that provides you protection from harmful UV rays.

7. Educate on the need for safety wear

Heavy-duty workplaces require safety wear primarily, knowledge about the same is also imperative. Add eye safety topics to the periodic employee training programs, which will help establish and reinforce the need for protective eyewear at work.

8. Review

After setting up the eye protection program it becomes your job to regularly review and update your accident prevention policies. The goal of the organisation should be the prevention of eye injuries in all areas of the workplace.

9. Display preventive tips in writing

Once the safety program is created ensure to put it in writing. Display the copy of the policy in work areas and areas where employees gather.

10. Provide support

Management support is essential for a successful eye safety program. Wearing safety eyewear whenever and where-ever needed indicates their support.

In Summary

Individuals working in an industrial environment require safety for their eyes to keep them protected from debris, dust particles, chemicals, and radiation. Safety glasses make it easier for you to work in such an environment. Visit our online store CA Glasses today for the best offers on quality safety glasses at affordable prices.

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