Proper ways to clean, maintain, and take care of your prescription eyeglasses

Cleaning and maintaining your eyeglasses or sunglasses are just among the most effective ways of keeping your eyewear look new and beautiful. Proper cleaning does not only keep your eyewear always in good condition, it likewise helps your eyes get rid of harmful bacteria, dust, and dirt which can cause eye infection and irritation.


There are different ways to properly clean your eyewear. But, there are also a bunch of common cleaning methods that are considered wrong and harmful for your eyeglasses or sunglasses. For instance, wiping your eyewear with the use of textured or rough fabrics can scratch its lenses.

To make sure you don't damage your eyewear when cleaning or handling, make sure to follow any of the tips we have listed below.

Clean your hand before holding your eyewear

Before removing, wearing, or holding your prescription glasses, make sure that your hands are clean. The dirt and dust in your hand can possibly scratch the lenses of your eyewear and it can as well infect or irritate your eyes.

Use both hands when holding your eyewear

Part of taking care of your eyewear is to make sure that the lens is also in good condition. Avoid using only one hand when taking off or putting on your eyewear as this can possibly damage the frame and make it twisted, bent, or distorted. Hold each arm of the frame with the use of both your hands when putting on or taking off your eyeglasses and gently slide them over your ears.

Keep your eyeglasses in a safe storage box

When not in use, keep your prescription eyeglasses in their safe storage box. Don't just place them anywhere especially in areas where they can possibly bend, fall or break. Never hang them on your shirt or put them on your head as well.


If you can't find a sturdy safe box, you can use a microfiber pouch instead. This can keep your glasses away from dirt and dust.

Wash your eyeglasses with warm water and mild dishwashing soap

From time to time you need to give your eyewear a good quick bath to thoroughly get rid of accumulated dirt and dust. Remember not to use harmful household chemicals, cleaners or detergent when washing your eyeglasses. Use warm water and mild dishwashing soap instead.

Wipe your eyeglasses with soft microfiber fabric

Don't use any other type of fabric when cleaning or wiping away dirt, smears, and dust from the lenses of your glasses other than what is recommended and provided by the prescription sunglasses manufacturer unless it is a soft microfiber cloth.

Soft cloths and napkins seem to be safe for the lens. However, if you try to take a closer look at it, you will notice that these fabrics have small rough fabrics that can leave small scratches on the lens. The microfiber fabric is totally smooth and soft, making it safe for the lens and more effective in cleaning your eyewear. 

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