Prescription Swimming Goggles: Do Really Help to Protect Your Eyes?

Whether you are a professional swimmer or you just love to spend time in a pool during summer, you are most likely to experience burning and redness in your eyes right after the swim. This is caused by the added chlorine in the water. Adding chlorine in a swimming pool is essential to control the bacteria and germs in the water that can spread diseases. However, chlorine is not sufficient to make pool water completely germ free. Since you cannot be one hundred percent sure what’s in the water, it is best to wear swimming goggles to keep the eyes protected.

If you are a beach lover and your regular swimming destination is not a pool, but the sea, then also you should wear swimming goggles to prevent saltwater from entering into your eyes. A quality pair of swimming glasses provides a tight waterproof seal around your eyes, keeping the intrusion of water to the eyes minimum and gives you extra comfort while swimming.

Swimming goggles are manufactured considering various factors:

Swimming goggles come in a variety of styles. Different brands introduce a new style in their range of swimming goggles. However, we can divide the swimming goggles into two types.

  • Small socket swimming goggles

  • Large socket swimming goggles

Small socket swimming goggles:

If you have seen the swimming competition in last Olympic, you must have got the idea of what we are talking about. The small socket swim goggles rest comfortably on the skin under the eyebrow and inside the eye socket. These lightweight goggles are the perfect equipment to prevent water from entering your eyes. For both adults and children who are competitive swimmers, these type of goggles will serve the purpose well.

Large socket swimming goggles:

A casual swimmer who doesn't like having pressure around their eyes should opt for large socket swimming goggles. These types of goggles come with a rubber gasket around the lens and fit comfortably outside the eye socket. It is slightly heavier compared to small socket goggles, but these goggles are also ideal to keep water out and get clear vision while swimming. If you are prescribed to wear glasses, then CA Glasses will give you the perfect solution for prescription swimming goggles at an amazingly low price.

Corrective Lenses:

Swimmers who are prescribed to wear corrective lenses should go for customizing prescription lenses. Prescription goggles are available at affordable prices due to increasing demand among the swimmers. With excellent quality customize corrective lenses, you don't have to struggle for clear vision while in the water. You can get the goggles made specifically to cater to your vision requirement. Prescription swimming goggles do not only protect your eyes, but it gives you a comfort of clear vision to enjoy the sport in the best possible way.

Prescription swimming goggles will give you better vision clarity:

Along with improved clarity and vision, there are various benefits of wearing prescription swimming goggles for a professional swimmer. With Rx swim goggles, you can have better depth and distance perception while swimming. It surely helps in improving your lap times as you can judge better when to turn around. You will also be able to see your swimming lane more clearly.

Even if you swim just for fun, you will appreciate the better vision clarity offered by a pair of high-quality swimming goggles. You can consider it as a simple accessory that can undoubtedly make your swimming experience better.

Even if you swim strictly for recreational purposes, you're sure to appreciate the improved clarity that a pair of swimming goggles would offer. It's an otherwise simple accessory that can make a world of difference when you're competing against other swimmers.


Swimming goggles protect your eyes from saltwater and chlorine and they also provide excellent clarity in the water. Whether you are a professional swimmer or it is just a part of your exercise routine or fun, you can surely make it more comfortable wearing swim goggles. If you are prescribed to wear glasses then you can also find perfect customized prescription swimming goggles to achieve the correct vision.

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