Part 2: Most common prescription sunglasses lens colors available today and their uses

The other day we have talked about the neutral lens tints green, brown or amber, and neutral gray. Today we are going to unveil the other available tints for prescription sunglasses together with their specific uses and applications.

Red Glasses

Red and pink

Those with red and pink lens color are perhaps the most favorite sunglasses of women. They are fashionable, hot, elegant, and very feminine. When paired with a dazzling outfit, someone wearing a pair of pink or red sunglasses will surely attract more tantalizing eyes.

Both red and pink are ideal for sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, and snowy days. They offer good road visibility, making them perfect for sports like cycling, racing, and driving. You can also use them when skiing.

Red and pink tints improve the visual depth and contrast of the sunglasses lens. Because they are excellent at blocking out blue light, as well as at minimizing glare, sunglasses with red or pink tint lenses are often used for working on the computer. They also help reduce eye strain and can be worn even for long periods of time.


Yellow lenses typically offer more clarity in hazy, low light, and foggy weather conditions. Just like red and pink, yellow also has the ability to filter out or block the blue light that is coming from electronic gadgets like computer, laptop, and tablets. That is why it is commonly used for tinted computer glasses and prescription sunglasses.

Yellow Glasses

It has already been widely known that the blue light from the electronic gadgets causes a headache, eye strain, and eye fatigue. Needless to say, using eyeglasses x yellow lens decreases your risks to various pains and aches associated with computer use. It likewise enables the eye to keep focus.

Yellow lenses can be used for activities like racing, driving, skiing, playing tennis, target shooting, mountain biking, and aircraft piloting.

Orange and Amber

Just like yellow lenses, those sunglasses that have lenses with amber and orange tints have high contrast.  They also have the ability to block blue light but they have the tendency to distort colors.

Blue and Purple

Other famous tints for prescription sunglasses are blue and purple. Chances are, if you are to choose a lens tint without knowing anything about the purposes and uses of each color, you will likely go for either purple or blue. Well, you can't be blamed for choosing either of these two colors as they are undeniably aesthetically pleasing and very trendy.

Prescription sunglasses

Apart from that, blue and purple sunglasses also have the ability to enhance color perception and contour while reducing glare. They also ideal for hazy, foggy, and snowy weather conditions.

You can use the sunglasses with blue and purple lens tints for activities like fishing and other water sports, playing golf, outdoor leisure, skiing, and playing tennis.

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