Part 1: Most common prescription sunglasses lens colors available today and their uses

Prescription sunglasses are generally available in different lens colors. With many options to choose from, finding the one that best suits you can be a bit tricky and overwhelming. However, if you are aware of your needs and preferences, you can be able to trim down these options.

Not all lens colors are appropriate for every activity, weather condition, lifestyle, and sports. Before you decide which lens color to pick, make sure you that you identify first how you are going to use it, what is your lifestyle, and what is the purpose why you want such type of sunglasses. It also pays to know the basic information about the uses and each tint for sunglasses lens. Here are the uses of some of the most common sunglasses lens colors available today.


Green is the most versatile color for sunglasses. You can use it for almost every activity and for all types of weather condition. You can use it during weather conditions such as sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, hazy or foggy, snowy, and in low light. It is also ideal for activities like cycling, water sports, fishing, playing golf, mountain biking, outdoor sports and leisure activities, skiing, and playing tennis.

Green Sunglasses

Green is a neutral color that offers great contrast for low light weather conditions, and even color perception. Lenses with green tint are known to help decrease eyestrain and reduce glare without color distortion.


Brown or amber is likewise a neutral lens color. Just like green, it decreases eyestrain and dims glare without distorting colors. Brown tint typically contains a red element which helps enhance contrast and depth perception.


Brown is ideal for racing, driving, water sports, fishing, playing golf, shooting, playing tennis, and grass field sports. Brown lenses are warm and bright and are best to wear in areas where there is drastic weather conditions change. It best at blocking out blue light, making it your perfect eye partner during sunny days.

Neutral Gray

Gray is perhaps the darkest available color and the most commonly used tint for sunglasses lens. In fact, the military uses this color for their eyewear for more than 45 years already because it does not only offer absolute protection against the sun's damaging UV rays.

Gray is also a neutral color that offers true color perception, and protection against glare without distorting colors. Gray tint has anti-fatigue qualities that help minimize eyestrain and eye fatigue. It is by far one among those that offer the highest available light reduction.

Neutral Gray

Gray is ideal for activities such as cycling, racing, driving, fishing and other water sports, mountain biking, playing golf, outdoor leisure and sports activities, playing tennis, and skiing, among others. Sunglasses with gray tint lenses can be used during sunny, partly cloudy, hazy, foggy, cloudy, and low light conditions. 

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