Kid's sunglasses online shopping guide

Walking into an online optical store without knowing anything about online shopping or perhaps about the important things that you need to consider when picking a pair of specs for your kids can be really tedious and confusing. Just like that of adults, sunglasses for kids also come in a variety of designs, lens colors, frame styles, quality, and frame shapes. Moreover, the internet has become one of the thriving grounds for spammers and for sellers who claim that their products are of great quality but are actually subpar.

Kids Glasses

Not knowing anything about all these things makes you a good candidate for the grand position of a "victim" of those who are only roaming around the internet to rip people off and to ruin the good name of the legit optical stores. To make sure you won't become one of these online thieves' victims and to ensure that you pick the right pair of glasses for your kids, consider these helpful tips when you buy glasses online.

Shop around

There are plenty of optical shops online. Before settling to one shop, consider shopping around to get the best deal and to find the best shop that offers quality products at affordable prices.

Shop in incognito

Unless you are using your trusted optical store's official mobile app, consider shopping in incognito mode most especially when using your mobile. Normally, websites store information and history of every visitors they have. To protect your information from fraud or to avoid these sites from storing your information, use the incognito mode or the private browsing option of your desktop or smartphone's browser.

Shop in incognito

Check the warranty and exchange/return policy

Check if the optical shop offers warranty for their discount glasses or if they provide free-trial or money back guarantee. This gives you the assurance that you can have your money back or have your kid's prescription eyeglasses replaced by another one in case you are not satisfied with the quality or if the specs do not fit your kid well.

If the online shop is confident with the quality of their products, there is no reason they can't provide warranty or perhaps a good exchange/return policy.


Before shopping, check if the online store's URL has an added S- that is if it is HTTPS rather than just HTTP. Online stores with HTTPS instead of just HTTP are more secured because they use a protective security technology known as Secure Sockets Layer or SSL.


Another way to know if the site is secured is the presence of the unbroken key located at the bottom of the screen or perhaps the green closed lock which you can see beside the URL.

Factors of choosing the right specs for your kids

To make sure that the specs will perfectly fit your kid, check the important factors to consider when choosing the right specs which we have discussed in our previous post entitled "Kid's prescription buying tips".

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