How to identify prescription safety glasses Z87.1?

Don't take your standard glasses or sunglasses for safety glasses. You can find similarities between them, but they are manufactured differently to serve different purposes. Both are available with a prescription and non-prescription lenses, you can find both with tinted lenses, both are available with durable plastic lenses, and both come in wraparound style, protecting eyes as well as the side of the head. The real difference is in its marking. There are specific markings for safety glasses.

Correct marking for safety glasses:

Yes, the marking makes all the difference and it is based on the material used in the making. Usually, safety glasses have a sturdier frame compare to standard glasses. If it's a wireframe then it is designed in a way to protect your peripheral vision also. It features side shield and protects eyes from all the angles. If it's plastic, the frame is generally considered as impact-resistant after going through several tests and cannot break easily. And far as lenses are concerned, they are made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the same material used in forming cockpits of jet planes.

You can determine whether your glasses are safety rated or not from the marking they carry. The ANSI (American National Standard Institute) has developed standards to ensure that safety glasses are made using impact-resistant materials. Since then, manufacturers of safety glasses across the country have to follow these standards for achieving required safety ratings.

ANSI Z87.1-2015 is the latest update that applies to safety eyewear, replacing the previous designation ANSI Z87.1-2010 and ANSI Z87.1-2003. From these safety standards, users can also learn when their pair is produced. The frames can be stamped with any of the standards. In case if you don't find any of these ANSI marking on the side of the frame then it should not be considered as safety glasses.

Marking for prescription safety glasses:

Prescription safety glasses carry the manufacturer's stamp of Z87-2 on the front of the frame and both temples. For Rx spectacles, prescription frames also need the size markings on temples and frame.

Marking for impact-resistant:

ANSI Z87.1 is also ideal to identify whether the frame is impact resistant or not. There are specific materials used in making of these safety glasses that make them impact resistant. Impact-resistant safety glasses carry the manufacturer's standard marking followed by "+" sign. If the glasses do not have the "+" sign then it indicates that they are not tested for impact resistant. However, it does not remove them from the category of safety glasses. They are safety glasses and can protect your eyes from dust, wind, chemical splashes, and debris. But they cannot protect objects moving at high speed.

Marking for tinted safety glasses:

Tinted safety eyewear can also be identified for different categories with their special markings.

“L” stands for visible light filter rating

“R” is for the tinted safety glasses with an infrared filter rating

“V” is for photochromic (or transition) lens designation

“U” is for ultraviolet light-scale rating

The ratings are permanently stamped on the lenses. You can find it in the upper corner of a prescription lens and at the upper middle edge of a non-prescription lens.

If you are working on a construction site, manufacturing unit, chemical factory, or even if you are working on your home improvement project, you should wear safety eyewear. With little knowledge about safety glasses, you can purchase the right pair of safety glasses that keeps your eyes protected.

At Ca Glasses, all our safety eyewear are manufactured by following the ANSI standards. Whether you are looking for high impact-resistant safety glasses or you need prescription safety glasses, we deliver a perfect solution that enhances eye safety at the workplace. We also work with companies, providing their employees with the best safety glasses at an affordable price. Browse through our products and place your order now.


There is a difference between standard glasses and safety glasses. Safety glasses should be identified from the ANSI standards markings they carry. Whether you are looking for prescription safety glasses or high impact resistant safety glasses, you should buy it only after checking the ANSI standards.

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