How to Choose Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

prescription motorcycle glasses

You should wear sunglasses or goggles to enjoy your ride on your bike to the end. If a foreign particle enters your eyes, you can lose all the fun and excitement as your vision gets blurred and your motorcycle gets out of control. A pair of quality sunglasses can reduce the instance of accidents caused by eye injury and also enhances your vision making your riding experience more enjoyable. If you are wearing corrective eyewear, you should go with prescription motorcycle glasses. So let’s know why wearing prescription motorcycle glasses or goggles is important while riding.

When you cut through the wind on your motorcycle equipped with a powerful engine at the speed of 60 to 65 miles-per-hour, you need a pair of riding glasses to protect your eyes from the air, dust, and other foreign particles. If you are not wearing glasses the air can make your eyes watery, leaving you with discomfort and blurred vision. While riding, nothing is more dangerous than losing focus from the road. It leaves you with a serious risk of a fatal accident. A quality pair of motorcycle riding glasses eliminate the risk of such accidents and also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, sand, dirt, and gravel particles. Now you know why you should invest in a pair of high-quality prescription motorcycle goggles, let’s know how to choose one.

This is how you should choose your motorcycle glasses or goggles:

You don't have to compromise with vision clarity for the love of riding motorcycles. Wearing your regular sunglasses, glasses, or contacts while riding can easily allow wind and dust to enter into your eyes and if you go with non-prescription riding gear, you are compromising your ability to ride.

The first thing to do is to determine whether you need glasses or goggles, and for that, you need to take the type of helmet you wear into consideration. If you have a full-face helmet, then you will be more comfortable wearing glasses as goggles can be too bulky to fit correctly under the face shield. If you have an open face helmet, then goggles will be perfect to provide full coverage to the eyes.

Coverage to your eyes:

While going through each frame, you should think about whether it will provide required coverage to the eyes or not. If you are comfortable wearing an open face helmet, then you should emphasize more on the coverage offered by your riding glasses to protect eyes from wind, dust, and other foreign particles.

The pair should be durable:

prescription motorcycle goggles

Though the latest range of motorcycle glasses from CA Glasses will never let you compromise with your style choices, your focus should be more on the comfort and durability of the glasses. Motorcycle glasses that are crafted using high-quality materials and advanced lens technology last longer even after you take several falls. If the lenses are also carefully made then it can last for a long time against the debris that flies up and hits the lenses. You should also check the safety rating before placing the order.

Temples and straps:

Glasses with slim and straight temples are ideal to wear under the helmet for perfect fitting. On receiving your glasses, you should try wearing it under your helmet to check the comfort level they offer. If you are ordering goggles with straps then you should check the fitting of the strap and whether you can easily remove them.

Lens Technology:

You need lenses that are made using the latest lens technology as quality lenses play a significant role in enhancing your performance or providing a better riding experience. There are several lens options available like single vision Rx motorcycle sunglasses and goggles with one type of correction, bifocal lenses for both distance prescription and reading prescription, and progressive lenses for distance, intermediate, and reading correction. You can opt for the lens that caters to your vision needs in the best possible way.

The lens should be impact resistant:

Plastic or glass lenses can shatter easily and cannot withstand many impacts. It is better to go with polycarbonate for its impact resistance. You should also look for ANSI certification which means your motorcycle glasses or goggles are durable.

Polarized Lenses:

Polarized lenses are highly popular among the riders as they perfectly block the glare from shiny surfaces and also from other vehicles. Polarized lenses can significantly improve your vision if you are riding by the ocean or around other people.


Motorcycle glasses or goggles are essential for eye protection while you are on the road. If you are already wearing corrective eyewear, you should go with prescription motorcycle glasses or goggles to protect your eyes without compromising with clear vision. At CA Glasses, we provide an excellent custom solution for your riding glasses requirements. Whether you need a comfortable pair of glasses to enhance your performance or you need something convenient for long rides on the highway, we take care of it all. Browse through our latest collection of prescription motorcycle goggles and place your order today.


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