How can I protect my eyes from injury?

eye injury

Eye injuries are common at workplaces such as construction site, manufacturing unit, automobiles, etc. However, workers can significantly reduce the risk by wearing safety glasses, safety sunglasses, and if required or recommended, prescription safety sunglasses or glasses. Sometimes minor to severe eye injuries are the result of being careless. If you are working where there is a potential threat of eye injury, investing in high-quality safety glasses is your best option. Don't avoid wearing safety glasses or wear two glasses at the same time, if you are already wearing corrective eyewear. The same applies to those who are working at home, either on home improvement project or doing yard work.

There are several things that you should take into account to protect your eyes from injury:

While working on the job:

The more you are aware of the risk associated with your job, the better the precautions you can take to minimize the risk. It is mandatory for the owners to provide their workers with safety glasses that maintain the required safety standards. If you are not comfortable wearing the glasses available at work then you should invest in a pair to ensure eye safety. If you are working outdoor, then opt for polarized safety sunglasses for protection against harmful UV rays.

While working on a DIY project:

safety glasses

Never perform a risky activity without protective eyewear:

Flying particles, foreign objects, and dust can easily enter your eyes, which sometimes cause serious eye injury. Wearing safety glasses with side shields can prevent them from entering your eyes. You should also wear safety goggles while handling chemicals, whether at the workplace or at home. Even if you are just a bystander, wear safety glasses that minimize the risk. If you are allowing children to work on projects that involve using pencils, fork, knives, or scissors, make sure they do it under the supervision of an adult. Other common household items, such as wire coat hangers, rubber bands, paper clips, fish hooks, and bungee cords have the potential to damage the eyes.

While working in the yard:

While using lawnmowers, lawn trimmers, and blowers, wear protective eyewear. While working in the yard make sure that the children are not around or at least standing or playing at the safe distance. Fertilizers, pool chemicals, pesticides, and other hazardous chemicals should be kept away from children’s reach.

While cleaning and cooking:

Read the labels of chemicals and household cleaning supplies such as bleaching powder before using. Also, avoid mixing these chemical products and keep children away from such chemicals and sprays. To prevent splattering of hot oil while cooking, you can use grease shields. Keep sharp kitchen tools away from children’s reach by choosing a child-proof location to store them.

While playing:

Make sure that children don't play with a certain type of toys such as BB guns, pellet guns, and other projectile toys, such as dart, arrows, etc. If they are playing indoor then ensure that their small toy sets don't have any sharp or potentially harmful objects for eyes. Children should not be allowed to play with short wave length lasers as they can permanently damage the retain causing vision loss in just matter of a few seconds. Lasers of other colors are also harmful to the eyes.

While playing sports:

Any sport involving a ball, bat, stick, or flying object is a potential risk for eyes. While playing such sports you should wear quality sports protective eyewear. Ensure that the glasses you buy meet the required safety standards. At CA Glasses, you can find glasses specifically designed considering the risk associated with every sport. Whether you want to buy basketball glasses, cycling glasses, running glasses, or swimming glasses, you can browse through our latest collection of sports glasses and sunglasses available at an affordable price. These glasses not only protect your eyes but also help you to improve your performance.

While celebrating:

If you have included fireworks in your celebration then let professionals handle it. You should wear protective eyewear if you are doing it yourself. Whether it's your success party, birthday party, or marriage anniversary party, be careful while opening a champagne bottle. Keep the bottle pointed 45 degrees away from others and yourself while opening.


Prioritizing eye safety while working either at home or job is essential. Safety glasses can reduce the risk of eye injury significantly. However, there are a few factors required considering while buying safety glasses. If you prescribed to wear glasses, then go with prescription safety glasses, for working outdoor, choose safety sunglasses, and to ensure the comfort, buy safety glasses that have the right fit and quality lenses. You should always be conscious while playing, celebrating with firecrackers, using chemicals for cleaning, and while cooking. While doing such tasks, remember that prevention is always better than cure.

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