Guide to find Stylish Prescription Safety Glasses for Women

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Eye safety is one of the most important precautions as our eyes are the most necessary feature. We can see the beautiful world with the eye. Just imagine your day without eyes! Even the simplest work becomes harder without eyes. Therefore, having prescription safety glasses is essential while dealing with any hazardous work condition. 

However, safety glasses are different from the ones you wear, like sunglasses or any regular goggles. They are specially designed to keep your eyes safe and resist any tough situation. For example, if you are grinding metal parts that emit some metal particles which hit your glasses, then, unlike regular sunglasses, they are not shattered and protect your eyes. 

Thus, in this article, we'll cover everything regarding stylish prescription safety glasses for women. Moreover, if you are buying safety glasses for the first time and do not have any idea about them, then by the end of this article, you will come to know all the necessary key points to keep in mind while buying safety eyewear. Additionally, we'll cover some most frequent questions asked by the individuals about prescription safety glasses.

What to look for in safety glasses

The primary thing to look at is that safety glasses ought to be safe. Most safety glasses are intended to follow at least one certification standard. In most cases, you'll have to pick certified safety eyewear for your work environment eye security. Other features aren't needed but are extremely helpful to look for in safety glasses. Search for a pair that offers these elements for an agreeable experience as you work or partake in your leisure activity:

  • Prescription lenses

  • Comfortable, durable frames

  • Lens coatings

  • Lens tints

  • Stylish designs 

These highlights assist you with going from a fundamental set of utilitarian safety glasses to agreeable eyewear you love to wear at whatever point.

Common safety standards 

The two most regular security guidelines for eyewear are provided by OSHA and ANSI. OSHA safety guidelines are planned especially for work environment wellbeing. These safety glasses can be utilized for different tasks, yet the safety standards assist with guaranteeing the development of construction workers and other professionals to avoid workplace injuries.

ANSI stands for American National Standard Institute, which checks standards and assesses safety eyewear to ensure the glasses remain in line with those standards. Your employers may require you to purchase ANSI or OSHA approved eyewear. Although ANSI approved does not ensure workplace safety standards as it sets voluntary standards, it is still useful in comparing the quality and safety of eyewear.  

ANSI approval is intentional for eye and face protection. These norms set standards for physical requirements and require certain levels of coverage as well as impact resistance. The deliberate norms set by ANSI can be taken on by OSHA and expected for working environment consistency, so ANSI confirmed security glasses are supported for use in working environments, as per OSHA.

Lens Technology 

One of the most important elements in prescription safety glasses is the right set of lenses. The lenses offer many things, which include prescription vision, UV and impact protection, along with many other key features to look for in dependable lenses. However, some of them are as follows:

  • High impact rating

  • Tinting, if working outdoors

  • Anti-fog coating

  • Anti-scratch coating

Lenses can be colored in various shades and varieties. Some, similar to blue or yellow, are really intended to work on low-light vision in outside use. Others, similar to grey, brown, or back, safeguard your eyes from brutal reflections and direct sun exposure.

Anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings are fundamental for the durability of eyewear. The side safeguards that are normal on safety glasses can prevent fogging, especially on goggles or, on the other hand, assuming you're working while at the same time wearing your glasses. An anti-fog coating decreases the risk of fog and influences your vision.

Anti-scratch covering guards your eyewear investment on the off chance that you store them without a case or drop them. Scratches additionally stand as a hurdle for your vision and can compromise the durability of your lenses.

Some frequent questions by most of the people

Is it possible to get a pair of prescription safety glasses?

Mostly, safety glasses that are sold in stores do not come with prescription lenses. So, if you are wishing to keep your eyes safe without wearing contacts, then you are recommended to order prescription safety glasses online. Most frame styles and lens shades not only support prescription but also support durability and certified protection.

Are safety prescription glasses worth buying?

Safety glasses are very important for your eyes, which protect your eyes while working in hazardous areas. If your safety glasses are without prescription lenses, then you will have to wear contacts underneath your safety glasses, or you may also attempt to work with blurry vision. However, safety glasses with prescription lenses are surprisingly affordable with a lot more benefits than ordinary safety glasses, which makes them a worthy investment.

Are safety glasses necessary?

If you are not prepared for any hazardous work or project, then you might invite the risk of injury. Safety glasses shield your eyes from flying projectiles and reduce the impact. These glasses offer a shatterproof design. While wearing standard sunglasses or goggles, if any projectile hits them, then they may shatter and cause further injury. These situations can be avoided with safety glasses.

When should you wear safety glasses?

You should mostly wear safety glasses while working on a task that involves flying debris or other eye-related hazards. For instance, if an individual near you is grinding metal parts, mowing the lawn, cutting boards, or performing other tasks that emit harmful projectiles and debris, it is best to wear certified prescription safety glasses to protect your eyes.

What lenses do safety glasses have?

Safety glasses usually have shatter-resistant lenses that are typically made of polycarbonate. This durable material is not only less likely to shatter but is also lightweight and could be coated with a scratch resistant coating to extend the period of clear views. However, polycarbonate can be used for making prescription safety glasses and are made into a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your selected frames.


If you are working at a place where your eyes need protection, then prescription safety glasses are a worthy investment to make. It is not only meant to protect your eyes but also give you a stylish look with durable and comfortable frames at a surprisingly less price. 

Moreover, some important features to look at while purchasing prescription safety glasses are lens tings, lens coating, comfortable and durable frame, as well as stylish design. So, if you are also working with hazards and need protection from the debris falling in your eyes, then order your prescription safety glasses now.

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