Eye Protection for Work and Sports

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Risk of eye injuries is common in both Industrial workplaces and sports, which can be reduced by wearing proper eye protection. Let’s learn why wearing proper eyewear is essential while working and playing sports.

Eye protection for work:

Eye injuries in the workplace are widespread. Workers suffer from eye injuries on the job are mainly because of two major reasons:

  • They were not wearing eye protection such as safety glasses or face shield

  • They were wearing the wrong kind of eye protection

There are several potential eye hazards at work. Workplace eye protection is mandatory when the following risks are present:


  • Dust, wood, metal, concrete, and other particles

  • Chemical splashes and fumes

  • Ultra-violet radiation, heat or infrared radiation, and lasers

There are certain occupations with a high risk for eye injuries include such as construction, manufacturing, auto repair, plumbing, auto repair, mining, welding, electrical work, carpentry, maintenance, etc.

It is the duty of the employer to ensure that all the workers have to wear required eye protection while working. There are different types of safety eye protection available and selecting the right one depends on the type of work you are doing. 

  • If you are working in an environment where flying objects, particles, or dust, then you should consider wearing safety glasses with side shields. 

  • Wearing goggles is necessary while working with chemicals.

  • If your work exposes to the dangerous radiation then wearing special-purpose safety-glasses, face shield, goggles, or helmets is mandatory for proper eye protection.

Employers are also required to take essential steps to make the working environment safe. Some of the basic steps that employers should take include conducting an eye hazard test, removing the eye hazards where possible, minimizing eye hazards, providing quality safety eyewear to the employees making it mandatory to wear on the floor.

At CA Glasses, we aim to reduce the number of workplace accidents by providing sensible eyewear to our customers. If you are managing an industrial business, we are happy to provide personalized safety glasses to your workers at a reasonable price. We also offer easy to wear prescription safety glasses for those who are required to wear corrective eyewear.

Eye protection for sports:

sports glasses

There was a time when athletes and sportsmen were not so keen on wearing eyewear that is specifically designed for protection, even though the sports-related injuries were common. During that time, the only two features covered in sports eyewear were sun protection and style.

Today, sports eyewear can be spotted on every sportsman, whether its a game of baseball, tennis, basketball, volleyball and so forth. Whether the players are plying major leagues or they are just playing on the weekends for fun, they are wearing proper sports glasses that are specifically designed considering the risks of the particular sport.

Coaches, players, and parents are now aware of the risk of eye injuries while playing and investing in quality prescription sports glasses is essential. Due to that, the risk of eye injury has significantly reduced. Sports sunglasses or glasses are designed to give comfort to the players. With advanced quality lenses and durable frames, players also considering sports eyewear as an essential accessory to enhance their performance. Many fitness and athletic clubs have made wearing proper sports glasses while playing mandatory.

Today, compatible sports glasses are available. Sports glasses and sunglasses can be also worn with the helmets. Any skier, surfer, or rider can find a good pair of sports glasses or sunglasses to add comfort with clear vision.

Whether you are playing on a field or riding a bike on a mountain, here are a few reasons why you should invest in proper sports eyewear:


  • The main reason is to prevent sports-related eye injuries. Sometimes, sports-related eye injuries are so severe that the patient may have to suffer from permanent vision loss. Any sport that involves balls, racquet, bat, stick, or other flying object is considered riskier than other sports.

  • For example, in tennis, a ball can travel up to 140 miles per hour or even faster and if it hits the eye, it can cause serious damage. In baseball, some pitchers can deliver the ball up to 100 miles per hour and even in the badminton, the fastest speed of shuttlecock recorded was around 306 miles/hour, which is capable of causing severe eye injury.

  • Flying objects are not the only danger. Many eye injuries are caused by finger pokes, jabs, and elbow, particularly in games like rugby, basketball, and hockey, where the players come in close contact with other players.


  • Whether you are looking for prescription safety glasses online or you need sports glasses and sunglasses, we provide the best-customized solution for clear vision and safety. Browse through our latest collection of safety glasses and sports glasses available at an amazingly low price.

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