Different ways to protect your eyes from computer-related eye problems

With almost everything getting computerized nowadays, many people are using a computer for many reasons- for socialization, work, and entertainment. Regardless of the reason why you use a computer, you have to make sure that you keep your eyes protected from computer vision syndrome or CVS.

There are different ways to protect your eyes from eyestrain, computer vision syndrome, and other computer-related eye problems. Here are some of these effective ways:

             --      Take regular short breaks

             --      Use computer glasses

             --      Exercise your eyes

             --      Modify computer display settings

             --      Get your eyes checked

             --      Ensure proper workstation illumination

             --      Observe proper distance from your computer screen

             --      Use larger icon and font size

             --      Take a short break

Even if you need to keep your focus on what you are doing, you still have to take a short break from the computer from time to time. You can stand up and do a quick body stretching at least once in every 20-30 minutes to release muscle fatigue on specific parts of your body and to reduce tension on your neck, back, legs, shoulders, fingers, and arms as well. Both your eyes and your body will thank you for doing this on a regular basis.

Computer Glasses

Exercise your eyes

Don't just stare at your computer all throughout your work hours. Try to exercise them every now and then by keeping your sight off the screen every 10-15 minutes.

Observe proper distance from your computer screen

The most appropriate distance between the face and the computer screen is around 20 to 30 inches. Keep this proper distance to reduce eye strain.

Use larger icon and font size

Keep the icon and font sizes large enough to make it easier for you to see them within the appropriate working distance.

Modify computer display settings

Adjust the display settings of your computer like the brightness, text contrast, and color temperature. Make sure that its brightness is just the same as the surrounding- not too bright and not too dull and dark. Also, reduce the color temperature to ensure long-term viewing comfort.


Get your eyes checked

To make sure that your eyes are healthy and are free from any computer related problems, have them checked by an eye doctor.

Use computer glasses

Whether you are wearing prescription glasses or not, using computer glasses when working with your computer can help make your eyes comfortable and strain-free. They do not only help lower your risk to different computer-related eye problems and nuances, they likewise help you work in a more comfortable and neutral posture.

Computer Glasses

Computer glasses often come with a prescription that enables you to see what's on the screen without having to lean closer or tilt your head down just to keep your focus. This allows you to work with less strain and stress.

Computer glasses are also tinted with anti-glare treatment or anti-reflective coating to minimize glare and get rid of reflections on the lenses. 

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