Different types of prescriptions lenses available at California Glasses

If you need a new pair of prescription glasses but you are not sure which type of prescription lens to choose, this post will definitely help you. Today we will discuss the 4 different types of prescription lenses that we offer here at California Glasses.

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Reading Glasses

The reading glasses are actually not a prescription lens. As their name suggests, reading glasses are something that you don't wear all the time. They are only typically used when reading or when you need to enlarge the thing that you want to see in front of your eyes.

Reading glasses are like magnifying lenses that make it easier for your eyes to see and focus on small objects like during reading books or similar thing that have small text. They do not merely help your read comfortably and see the text clearly, they likewise help you get rid of eye strain.

Single Vision Glasses

As their name suggests, the single vision glasses feature only one optical power over the entire lenses. They are typically used for correcting one field of vision. For instance, if you only need to clearly see things up close like when you are reading, at an intermediate distance like when using a computer, or at a long distance like when driving, you can use a pair of single vision glasses.

single vision glasses

Progressive Glasses

If you need to wear glasses for vision correction but you don't want to look too old, progressive glasses are ideal for you. Also known as no-line bifocals, progressive lenses do not have any traditional lines visible on traditional lenses like bifocals and trifocals.

Progressive Glasses

Progressive glasses are considered the most fashionable prescription lenses. Progressive glasses allow you to continue to clearly see everything that's in front of your eyes at all distances.

If you are wearing these multifocal lenses, people won't know that you are using prescription glasses for vision correction. They will just think that you are using them as a fashion accessory.

Bifocal Glasses

If you have presbyopia and you need glasses not only to correct such eye problem but also some other vision issues like astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia, you might already have come across bifocal glasses before. But for those unfamiliar yet about this type of eyewear, bifocal lenses are prescription glasses with two different optical powers.

Bifocal Glasses

Bifocal glasses typically offer a wider lens area for computer work and reading as compared to progressive glasses. That is why despite its not-so-good- visual appeal, many people especially the older ones still prefer it over the other types of lenses for prescription glasses.

Generally, the lower portion of the bifocal lenses offers near vision correction. It makes it less challenging for your eyes to stay in focus and enables you to see things in the short distance very clearly. On the other end, the larger part of the prescription lenses is intended for distant vision correction.

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