Debunking reading and prescription eyeglasses myths

When we were younger, our grandparents and even our parents always tell us not to wash our face right after getting up from the bed as doing so will only harm our eyesight. When I grew older and got vision problem, I was told to eat as many carrots as possible (from fresh carrot sticks to carrot cakes and every carrot recipe you can ever think of) to restore my eye health. My eye doctor had discovered that I have a vision problem when I was still ten or twelve. I was advised to wear prescription eyeglasses but my parents did not follow what the doctor said as they believe that it can only worsen my condition.

Eyeglasses myths

Are these scenarios familiar with you? Are these things really true or are they just myths? Let us take a look at some of the common statements that we once believe are true but are actually just myths.

Myth #1 - Eyeglasses can impair your vision over time

As we grow older, our eyes can also get weary and old. And this can have some effects on our vision. Prescription eyeglasses are designed to help improve your vision to allow you to see clearly just like when you still have no eye problem. They don't worsen your vision problem or create another eye illness in any way.

Myth #2- OTC reading glasses are bad for your eyes

If over the counter reading glasses are bad for your eyes, why would pharmacies sell them in the first place? Pharmacies know what is good or bad for you and they won't surely do something that can harm you or worsen your eye problem.

However, before you buy OTC reading glasses, make sure that you know exactly what magnification lens best fits your needs. Using a pair of reading glasses with higher or lower magnification than your eyes need can be annoying and can cause discomfort but rest assured, it can't damage your vision. If possible have your eyes checked by a licensed eye doctor before buying and using non-prescription OTC reading glasses.

Myth #3 - Wearing prescription glasses will make you look like a nerd

prescription glasses

If we are talking about this a few decades ago, then it can be partly true. However, in this modern generation, you can find almost countless of prescription glasses that have chic designs. California Glasses, for instance, offers prescription glasses with pretty designs, modern styles, and chic shades which provide you vision correction while allowing you to look fabulous.

Myth #4 - The best way to treat eye problem is to eat a lot of carrots and not to wear prescription eyeglasses

Many people believe that prescription glasses can further exacerbate eye problems. The truth is, it can neither treat the eye problem nor make it worse. Prescription glasses are only intended to correct vision problems and not to cure it.

Vision Glasses

On the part of eating a lot of carrots, there are still no studies that testify to its effectiveness in curing vision problems. Carrots contain an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals that can help make the eyes healthier and help minimize the impacts of eye problems like age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. They can't, however, cure vision problems.

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