Debunking common myths about cheap glasses online

Are you planning to buy a pair of cheap glasses online but are doubtful about their quality because of the negative things that you have heard and read about them? Well, in this article we are going to shed light on the negative issues people normally hear about cheap glasses. Hopefully, we can help clear out your confusion at the end of this post.

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So, here we go.

Debunking myth #1- Cheap glasses are low quality

When people hear about cheap eyewear, they automatically think of it as a low-quality product. Truly, not all cheap glasses are made from high-quality materials. That is why a lot of people tend not to trust cheap glasses. But this does not also mean that all of them are poorly made and are low quality. There are a few glasses that are offered at a relatively low price but are still comparable to those branded ones. California Glasses, for instance, offer excellent quality prescription glasses at a very low price. 

Why are we able to offer affordable glasses without sacrificing the quality standard? You may ask. Simple, we do not rent any expensive office space for our retail store, we have no office light or water supply bill to pay, and no retail costs a typical "brick-and-mortar" store incurs. We offer all our products directly from our manufacturing house. We are not and do not work with middlemen who add a markup and make the price a bit more expensive. 

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Debunking myth #2- Retailers cut something relevant to be able to offer lower prices

Yes, many online optical shops claim that they are able to offer cheap prescription glasses because they do not rent expensive store space at shopping areas. But what most of these retail store do is to cut cost in order to offer lower prices like omitting personalized attention of a professional optician which is critical for every optical shop. 

Here at California Glasses, we put each and every unique needs and requirement of our clients our top priority. We make sure we offer a personalized service and that you can receive the exact prescription you need as prescribed by your eye doctor.

Debunking myth #3- Online retail stores offer a wide selection to confuse the shoppers

There are virtually almost endless eyeglasses options that you can find on the market today. There are some online stores that offer the same types of glasses but with a completely different name to provide a wider selection. However, not all optical shops do this strategy. Honesty and trust are both important to us. When we say we offer one hundred different eyeglasses models, you can expect that we are true to our words. 

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Debunking Myth #4- Cheap glasses sellers really don't honor warranties

This may be true to some sellers, but for us, we do honor warranties and we also have a reliable 14-day fit and style guarantee policy on hand. In fact, we have handled returns, exchange, and refunds countless of times already, with no negative feedback from our clients.  

We have been in the business for years already and we guarantee the quality of our eyewear. We have successfully built a trusted name and we can't afford to just throw all our efforts to waste.

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