Computer glasses and their benefits

Using a computer and staring at its screen for extended periods of time can be dangerous for the eyes. It can cause a variety of computer-related eye problems like eye twitching, computer vision syndrome, itchy eyes, dry eyes, red eyes, and eye strain. In fact, around 50 to 90 percent of people who are using computers for at least 5 hours a day everyday experience eye and vision problems due to prolonged and regular use of a computer. One of the primary reasons behind this is that computer work usually has higher visual demand as compared to other activities.

Computer Glasses

Thankfully, there are different ways to alleviate computer vision syndrome and its many signs and symptoms. Aside from proper computer screen positioning, observing proper distance, taking short frequent breaks, and getting your eyes off the computer screen every few minutes, you can as well make use of the computer glasses.

What are computer glasses?

Although the computer glasses are typically used to correct vision problems, they are not exactly the same as the regular cheap prescription glasses or reading glasses. Computer glasses are a type of eyeglasses that are specially designed for computer use purposes.

Computer Glasses

They can help reduce eye-related problems like computer vision syndrome, itchy eyes, dry eyes, red eyes, eye strain, eye twitching, and other vision-related issues associated with computer work. They help the eyes get rid of excessive irritation and tiredness at the end of each workday.

Primary benefits of computer glasses

Reduce glaring concern

The light that bounces off the screen creates a glare that can obstruct proper vision. This makes it more challenging for the pupils to keep their focus and to keep up with the glaring obstacle.  

Computer glasses are made with an anti-reflective coating that is specifically designed to minimize the light and glare that are coming from the computer screen. They likewise come with a special glass color tinting which aids in enhancing the contrast of the screen without distorting colors and without being too raucous for the eyes.

Encourage better posture

You may be wondering why you need to buy glasses online when in fact you already have prescription glasses that allows you to clearly see things that are situated a few inches away from your eyes. The typical distance between the computer monitor and your face is greater than this.

In order for you to see the screen clearly, you will have to lean forward, crane your neck, and stay in an unneutral and uncomfortable position. Doing this regularly for extended periods of time can cause extra tension and stress on the neck, shoulder and back area which can, in turn, result in poor posture and musculoskeletal pain.

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