4 Factors that will guide your way to finding the right pair of prescription sunglasses

Not all eyeglasses will perfectly fit you. If you try to look around, you will find almost countless of options to choose from. This makes choosing the right one for you a bit challenging. However, if you know the important factors that will guide your way to finding the best pair, the entire shopping journey will become less challenging and more pleasant for you.

Prescription Sunglasses

Before heading to the prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses shop, make sure to know the important factors that you need to consider when buying a new pair of eyewear. Here are some of them:

Lens Colors

Sunglasses are available in various lens tints. The most commonly used tints are green, black, gray, brown, red, and blue. You can also find sunglasses with orange, pink, amber, yellow, and purple tinted lenses. Among these colors, the most versatile is green. You can use it in all weather condition and in almost all activities.


But do you know that more than just a fashion statement, each of these lens colors serves different purposes? Well, this is why you need to decide first how or when you are going to use the eyewear before buying them. For instance, if you intend to use the sunglasses for outdoor activities like fishing, mountain biking, cycling, skiing, and playing sports like tennis, grass field sports, water sports, and golf, you can pick a pair with green, gray, or black lens color.

Face Shape and Frame Shape

The shape and type of the frame of the sunglasses have something to do with the shape of your face. It is important that you know the shape of your face before you buy glasses online. Let us talk about this matter further in our next post.

Face Shape Frames

Frame Size

Sunglasses and eyeglasses are available in different frame sizes. To know whether or not the sunglasses fit you well, try them on and check the position of your eyes. If your eyes are positioned at the center of the width of the lens, then such frame size is perfect for you.

The frame size is too narrow for you if your eyes are positioned on the outer edges. Moreover, the lenses are too large if you can see your eyes on the inner side of the lenses.

Protection Level

Prescription sunglasses are designed not only for aesthetic reasons but also for protection. The sun's UV rays are very harmful both to your skin and eyes. It has long been known to cause or trigger various vision problems like macular degeneration and some types of cataracts.

If you want to buy a new pair, make sure that it is not only fashionable but will as well protect your eyes from the damaging rays of sunlight. Choose the prescription safety glasses that offer 100% UV protection most especially if you are always staying outdoors. 

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